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gradueted in architecture in Florence, he deal with design and


He found his projects on the idea he strenuously pursued, supporting it with formal cleanliness, appropriate technologies and, at times, the complicity of irony.


He prefers teamwork
and a synergistic relationship with companies.


Most prestigious works
For the company “ R.F. Yamakawa” he designed
- Shift: aluminum shoehorn and base in ABS
- Primitive: door stopper in silicone rubber
Ideator and cofounder of “Codice”(until 2017), self-production group of design objects, he designed and produced
“Trinca”: carafes for water and wine in lamp-blown glass .
-“Quattro”: Multilayer pendulum wall clock with marks hour set

For “Zad Italy” he designed some of products including
“Illa”: desk in Adamantx®
- Twice: consolle in Adamantx®
For “Caminetti Montegrappa” company has designed:
- “Sassolina”: asymmetric wood stove in refractory ceramic inspired by a river stone.
- “Passepartout”: wood-fired refractory ceramic tufa with heat exchanger.

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